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Ranking the Big 12 Coaches

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It's a slow time of year, and while reading through some message boards, I came across a topic discussing how to rank the Big 12 football coaches. Well, here's my crack at ranking the 9 returning coaches...because it's silly to list the other three. Rankings are off of what they've done, and how they stand right now.

  1. Bobby Stoops (Oklahoma) - Although he's a bit of a douchebag, he has gotten results and managed to turn Oklahoma back into a national powerhouse. 
  2. Mack Brown (Texas) - Again, one of the top-tier coaches in the country, but, with all that's available to the Horns, it's always a surprise when they don't do better.
  3. Mark Mangino (Kansas) - Getting what happened at Kansas last year to happen is a hell of a job. Still want to see him do it again.
  4. Gary Pinkel (Missouri) - The only reason I have him ranked below Mangino is because of past lack of expected results.
  5. Mike Leach (Texas Tech) - Slightly crazy. No BCS bowls for this pirate keeps him out of the top tier, but still a good coach.
  6. Dan Hawkins (Colorado) - Worked wonders at Boise State, but got a bit of a rude welcome at times to the Big 12. Lost to Iowa State for God's sakes on a boneheaded coaching move.
  7. Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State) - Also a bit crazy, he's going to have to keep showing progress this year. There's no compelling reason to rank him any higher.
  8. Gene Chizik (Iowa State) - Skidded halfway into the season, then showed appreciable progress to end the season. 
  9. Ron Prince (Kansas State) - A team that really should have finished higher in a disappointing division last year. 
I'm not going to rank Briles, Pelini or Sherman in this list, as coaching in the Big 12 is going to be a much different monster than any of their previous assistant gigs, or, in Briles' case, Conference-USA.