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Iowa State Joins College Arms Race With Practice Facility

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The Cyclones received a major gift today, as Ames developer (and All-Iowa Attack owner) Dickson Jensen donated land for a new basketball practice facility on the corner of Mortensen and South Dakota. The new facility will be 36,000 square feet, come at a reduced cost of $8 million, and will house both the men's and women's basketball teams. 

While it is certainly not necessary to have a dedicated practice facility to win games (see: Kansas), it is another step that major college athletics programs have to take to try and win over recruits, and ultimately win games.

The practice facility will offer separate but equal facilities (heh) for both programs. Weight room and film rooms will be available for use.

This is a step that the Cyclone athletics program desperately needed to take to keep pace with the Oklahoma State's of the world in order to offer the best for its student athletes. With the Athletics Department footing the bill, there should also be few people complaining.

One can't help but think this is to be a big part in the recruitment of Harrison Barnes, but, nonetheless, its a needed step.