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Jason Berryman Arrested Again

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What a frickin' idiot.

He was given a second chance after spending time in jail.

He was given a third chance (at a normal life) after getting kicked off the Cyclone football team.

There's a point where a guy doesn't deserve much more in the way of do-overs. Jason Berryman was a beast of a football player, but a knucklehead when it came to common sense. I was pulling for him when he rejoined the Cyclone football team, and I was pulling for him as an Iowa Barnstormer, but I find it impossible to do so again. 

The sooner he becomes disassociated with the state of Iowa, the better. It seemed like he had learned his lesson a couple of times, but all he really learned was how to dupe others. 

Get out of town, Jason. You may well get (though you may not deserve) another chance, but it'll be best for everyone else involved if you just go away. You seem to have no problem finding trouble here in central Iowa.