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What?! Five Star Football Recruit Interested in Iowa State?!

Holy crap.

Darius Reynolds, a JUCO five star (Scout) QB/WR from Reedley JC in Reedley, California lists Iowa State among his favorites on Scout, with teams such as Arizona, Cal, Clemson, Kansas State and South Florida. He's expected to be brought in as an "athlete" in Division I, which means that he'll more than likely end up at wide receiver.

It's pretty cool to be connected with a five star talent, especially when ISU has never signed one, but the story doesn't stop there.

Enter the wacky world of message boards.

A guy claiming to be Woodley's brother dropped this little gem.

#1 Athlete in JUCO football, 6'4" 190lbs, 4.37 forty, 305 bench, as a freshman he passed for 1,900+ yards 14 TDs, rushed for 900+ yards 14 TDs and played receiver and caught 250 yards 3 TDs. And IA St. is his #1 choice right now...they already offered him.

He goes on to mention that Iowa State would offer him a shot at quarterback, but, if Arnaud, Bates and Tiller have the job secure, one can't help but think they'd drool at the chance to throw to Marquis Hamilton, Sedrick Johnson and Darius Reynolds in a couple years.