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Iowa State at Iowa on Big Ten Network....Sigh

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So, radio host Jon Miller scurried onto the CycloneFanatic message boards that the Iowa State-Iowa football game would be an 11 a.m. start....on the Big Ten Network.

Of course, this means if you're like most Iowans, you have Mediacom cable, and not the Big Ten Network. So, the 2008 installment of the Cy-Hawk Series will have the unique quality of not being available for viewing to the vast majority of the state. If you're not lucky enough to get tickets to the game, you may be stuck trying to pull in the game on the radio at 11 in the morning.

It's a bit of a surprise that the game didn't get picked up for national or at least regional telecast by the ESPNs of the world. Hell, even ESPN Classic would have been a better option.

A good three quarters of Iowa has Mediacom as its cable subscription service. So, essentially, you're shutting out 75% of the state from seeing the that could have major implications on the season for both teams - not to mention a matchup that's been one of the better ones to watch in past years.

Why does God hate Iowa State fans so?