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Question of the Day: Harrison Barnes and Kentucky

So, thought of the day....I was talking to someone who has been following the recruitment of Ames star basketball recruit Harrison Barnes, and he says that Kentucky feels that they are in the lead for Barnes.

One has to wonder why Kentucky is now at the center of everything relating to ISU basketball these days.

There's one connection.

Jeff Bergstrom, former Iowa State walkon, is a graduate assistant for Billy Gillispie and the Wildcats. His only real qualification to play at ISU was the new indoor football practice facility that just happens to share the same name. It certainly wasn't his 11 points per game in high school. Needless to say I was a bit surprised to see him as part of the UK coaching staff.

It's an odd connection between two schools that almost ended in one Cyclone basketball player ending up a Wildcat, and may have the top Cyclone recruit landing there as well.