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Week One Blogpoll Draft

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So here's my initial week one BlogPoll ballot. For the unknowing:

About the BlogPoll

BlogPoll Philosophy

So, in a poll that's meant to be descriptive, based on team strength, and based totally on results that have yet to happen, here's my whack at the proverbial piñata.

Rank Team Comments
1 Georgia It may be boring, but they do appear to be the most talented team out there thus far. Matthew Stafford may not be the best quarterback out there, but a guy like Knowshon Moreno should certainly help him out in that regard.
2 Ohio State
3 Oklahoma A team that should be carried by their all-world offensive line. Sam Bradford was a damn good freshman, and that should continue.
4 Southern Cal How good can they be without Sanchez at quarterback? If the issue reappears during the middle of the season, can a guy like Mitch Mustain figure it out in the Pac 10?
5 Florida
6 Missouri I could have put Mizzou anywhere between 1 and 10. I don't think they're the most talented, nor will I ever trust Gary Pinkel, but, dammit, I love Chase Daniel, and their defense was quietly underrated last year. They missed Pig Brown at the end of the year.
7 LSU I'm a pretty big Les Miles fan, and I have a feeling they'll survive without flawlessness at QB. 
8 Texas
9 Auburn
10 Clemson I suppose an ACC team had to show up eventually.
11 West Virginia West Virginia could very well be this year's Michigan, falling to obscurity. Not thinking they made the right choice for head coach.
12 Kansas While last year was a fluke, Kansas should still be "good." Not great, but still good.
13 Virginia Tech
14 Texas Tech I'll believe in Pirate Leach as soon as he wins the South.
15 Tennessee
16 Wisconsin Just not thinking the Big 10 is that good outside of Ohio State, nothing new....
17 Illinois ...though the Zooker can pull in talent. If they get a good solid QB someday, watch out.
18 Oregon
19 Penn State
20 Arizona State
21 Brigham Young I'll always need to be sold on BCS-busters/mid-majors. 
22 Wake Forest I love Jim Grobe.
23 Utah
24 Rutgers The Scarlet Knights either get too much love or too little love for my liking....
25 South Florida ....whereas the Bulls just usually get too much for my liking.


So, yeah, comments are appreciated. I can edit this bad boy for a while.