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CloneChronicle Readers --

An opportunity has recently presented itself in my life that was too good for me to pass up. Subsequently, my contributions to Clone Chronicles have to be, for my sake, limited. I'll still be around in an editorial role, and kicking around in the comments, but, I'll no longer be able to, for at least the near future, regularly update Clone Chronicles.

I had debated just closing the blog down, but, after seeing what was done at Addicted to Quack, with the help of BON's Peter Bean, I have decided to (hopefully) go down another road.

What I'd ideally like is to find two writers who could regularly contribute to the blog with news and commentary, with a definite focus on the upcoming football season. I just will not have the time and abilities to do so, at least this fall. Just like ever other blog in the SBNation, we're built on community, so I'm reaching out.

If you think this is for you, please contact me at crosscyed *at* gmail dot com. I'll probably want to see a couple of writing samples, and then we can get some writers hooked up.