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Iowa State Picks up '09 Basketball Commitment - Don't Worry, You've Never Heard of Him

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So, it's been a long day at work, and I come home to see that we've picked up a basketball commitment for 2009...I had figured on it being Jemal Farmer, but, no, it's someone even more anonymous.

So anonymous, no one's quite sure how to spell his name....Marquez (or is it Marquis?) Gilstrap, a 6-6 forward from Convington, Georgia. He'll suit up at Gulf Coast Community College this winter.

Gilstrap is literally unGoogleable, more than likely due to the fact that he hasn't played in TWO YEARS. His last season was 2005-06, when he broke his leg 9 games into the season.

Gilstrap has been aided in his development by former Cyclone sharpshooter Kantrail Horton, who undoubtedly had some influence on his decision.

I'm happy to see nearly anyone become a Cyclone, but getting a JUCO who hasn't played in a game in two years as, quite possibly, our lone '09 commitment is a bit of a joke. Maybe he'll be a complete stud, but this sure as heck doesn't seem to be any sort of quick fix.