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Postgame: UNLV

What a heartbreaker.  I really couldn't bring myself to put down a coherent thought for a few days after this one.  A few years ago losses would really get to me and I'd be down for at least the rest of the day on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday.  This was one that could have been a throwback to the old times.  Luckily I went right to sleep after this late-starting game and the putrid effort by the Chiefs on Sunday reminded me that it could always be worse.

Anyway, a few thoughts to wrap this one up -

  • Arnaud really looked great on Saturday.  The first half was a little rough for him but 38 total yards on offense and almost 300 allowed on defense plus 21 points really showed the team came out limper than a wet noodle.  He was 3-7 for 11 yards in the first half but came back with 10-16, 144 yards in the second half.  Just my opinion but it's apparent to me Arnaud is the leader of this team and while I don't think it could hurt to get Bates a possession or two each game Arnaud looks like the starter for the rest of the season to me through four games.
  • JJ Bass should probably also be starting.  He came out in the second half running over people and was a big factor in changing the momentum in the game.  The rumor mill in regard to JJ has been running wild since spring practice of last season but based on what happened on the field last weekend he certainly looked like our best back.
  • RJ Sumrall has looked very solid through the first 4 games.  He's on pace for almost 900 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns.  I came into the year expecting Marquis Hamilton to be the guy but he's been very quiet while RJ has really stepped up.  Very happy for him and his leadership and consistency at the position is a huge benefit in a very young unit.
  • Chris Lyle looked like a man out there in the second half.  He had a sack and a huge tackle for a loss on the same possession late to really pin UNLV and give ISU a chance to force overtime.  A lot of fans had very high expectations for him and while he's used primarily in pass rushing situations he might be playing his way into some more snaps as well.
  • A lot has been made about Leonard Johnson's double personal foul ejection defensive drive... nothing more needs to be said about it.  He apologized.  He'll play at Kansas.  If the staff is satisfied with the punishment than I am.  It's been uncharacteristic this season considering last year ISU was the least penalized team in the Big 12.  People had a problem with it because they felt ISU was being passive.  Now they are too aggressive.  They'll find a middle ground with the young players and this will be forgotten in a few months.


  • Meet Frank the Tank Summers.  After watching the big bruiser make noise this week and the battering ram that is Shonn Greene punish people last week, I am excited for Jeremiah Schwartz coming off his redshirt next year.  ISU's running backs have lacked size over the last few years and I love seeing guys that can deliver a hit.  Hopefully the infusion of Schwartz and Williams next season can help bolster a unit that used to have a proud tradition at ISU.
  • Omar Clayton... it honestly makes you wonder how these guys slip through the cracks and get recruited by nobody.  He was athletic, he was accurate, and he was a true sophomore.  A lot of people at a lot of schools messed up by not recruiting that kid.