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ISU Athletics - The week that was

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With no football game last week it was a pretty slow week as far as actually on the field happenings go.  However there were a couple of news items on the board for the future of athletics and regarding the basketball team.

Dick Jacobsen continued his great support of ISU athletics by making the largest donation ever to the athletic department in the amount of 5 million dollars.  It is tabbed to help renovate the east side of the stadium in the same way as the west side - updated bathrooms, concessions, expanding the concourse, etc.  As a resident eastsider I'm pretty fired up about this because the new concessions on the West side are pretty sweet from what I've eaten.

Also, due to some excellent facebook stalking taking place over at CycloneFanatic, we can see the new basketball uniforms for this season.  Initially I really like the fit, but there seems to be a lot of white on the home uni's.  Regardless they start playing in about a month and it will be very exciting to see the guys back in action regardless of what they have on.