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Droppin' Bits Of Knowledge

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• Returners Devin McDowell and Leonard Johnson want to make fans forget about past return problems, and instead make them trust in special teams once again.

"Right when the ball is kicked, I always say, 'Let's go, baby,' " said Johnson, one of 11 true freshmen who played last week in Iowa State's season opener. "That's just to kind of get my mind right."

• Both teams will totally be using multiple QBs on Saturday.

• Cyclone Sports Report goes one-on-one with Kent State coach Doug Martin.

Q: Talk about coming into Jack Trice Stadium and having success last year. Do you feel this gives you an advantage this year?

A: I don't know if there is any advantage. I'll tell you what, coming in last year I was really impressed with the whole atmosphere of that game. I had never been to Iowa State before and I thought the fans were outstanding. It's a tough place to play and I don't think it's an advantage for us. In fact I think Iowa State will be more focused and I'll also tell you that they are a much, much better team than last year. To be honest with you, we caught them at the perfect time. It was the first game and their staff's first game together. Had we played them later in the year I don't think we would have been even close.

• Cyclone football, now advertising in Florida.

• Expect a lot more of Northern Iowa in the future.