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Iowa State @ Mizzou Gamethread

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Iowa St. Cyclones (12-5, 1-1)
@ Missouri Tigers (14-3, 1-1)

Saturday, Jan 17, 2009, 12:30 PM CST
Mizzou Arena

TV: Big 12 Network

Iowa (WOI, KFXA-DT, WBQD, KPTH-DT2, KYOU-DT), Illinois (WLS-DT2), Kansas (KFJX), Kentucky (WDKA), Missouri (WBRU, KMCI, KYTV-DT, KMIZ), Minnesota (KXLT), Nebraska (KIIT, KXVO, KLKN), Ohio (FSN Ohio, WTVG-DT2), Wisconsin (KQEG-CA)

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Today's game is another opportunity for the men's basketball team to prove that they aren't the team that they were in 2008 and before. Missouri is certainly a beatable team, and Mizzou Arena is certainly not an intimidating environment. Cyclone Alley will take 125-150 members, allowing for some ruckus, to be sure.