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Men's Basketball: Kansas Preview

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With a school like Kansas, basically all college basketball fans know about them. When you're a fan that plays in the same conference as them, then you know much more.

So, why am I writing a preview of the Kansas Game?

Well, it's because it will be GOLD RULES DAY!

See, before I wasn't going to write ANYTHING about this game... I mean, what do you say after you're coming off a 31 point blowout against an AVERAGE team on the road, to face a pretty good soon-to-be ranked team????

Seriously though, anyone want to take the 'over' on 1,000 fans wearing Gold tomorrow? ?

Days like this would be SO AWESOME if fans actually did it! I don't understand why we try to do these games... ISU fans just don't conform to these types of things... It'd be different if the fans ACTUALLY did it... Sometimes you just have to know who your fans are and cater to them....

Also, why do this against Kansas? I mean, why not against Nebraska where they wear red as well?? You don't need to hype the game up more, as it will be on ESPN and will likely draw the biggest crowd of the year at Hilton!

Is the plan to have the bright gold blind the Jayhawk players? Do these color days have any affect on the game? Will the Atheltic Department realize that 14,000 people aren't all going to buy gold just for the Kansas game???

Here's all I know: Fans will be cautiously excited for this game (it's Kansas so you're interested, but you think you'll lose, so you're not keeping your hopes too high) Some will wear gold (probably mainly Cyclone Alley and some random fans) but an embarrassing low amount will. 

One other thing I know: Aldrich will eat Brackins' lunch if he doesn't man up anytime soon.... Sometimes you gotta stop reading the press clippings and actually put 110% effort and be the leader of the team.....Sometimes the truth hurts.....