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Epic Battle in Boulder: ISU 49, CU 55

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I had a feeling that tonights game would be EPIC. One of those games we tell our children about for years to come.

A game that about 3,000 residents of Boulder were LUCKY to witness..

It turned out it was one of those games. The only thing is that you won't be telling this story to your kids to share loving memories of the team. You'll be telling them this when they're annoying the hell out of you and you want to scare the shit out of them!

Check out these stats:

  • ISU shot 46.5%
  • ISU held CU to 38% shooting, including 31% from 3
  • ISU outscored CU in the paint 22 to 16

So you'd think we'd win right??? Sorry, this is EPIC ISU basketball!

  • We turned the ball over 15 times (5 from Brackins, 5 from DG)! CU got 21 points off of turnovers
  • ISU only had 10 points off of turnovers
  • ISU had a 9 minute stretch in the 2nd half where we didn't score a basket!
  • Brackins had 24 points, but the next leading scorer were Petey and Lucca with 6

So what was the good from all of this??? One pointless stat is now irrelevant! We finally lost when we allowed less than 60 points!

Don't get me wrong. I'm not happy we lost at the least bit but I hated how so many thought it was amazing we hadn't lost a game in a game where we allowed less than 60.

So what's the problem?

Well, we tend to not give a fuck at times when we play. I don't really understand it. I used to like Mac, but this is getting bad. I cannot tolerate a team that doesn't give effort. It starts with the players, but if the coach can't get the players to respond, then something needs to happen.

CU just wanted this more than us and deserved to win. CU at least gave effort; they can't help they suck. We're more talented and just lost due to lack of effort...

What else is wrong? Everyone on our team is too busy watching Brackins and not busy enough figuring out a way to score!

"Geez mplscyclone, you're really down on the team. Tell me something positive". Alright. Boozer is tearing it up! You can't see it in the boxscore, but he's flying around the court going after loose balls and rebounding as well. He plays good D too. He's actually one of the only players on our team that is acting like they want to be out there.

I want to see Boozer get 20 minutes a game. If we can prevent him from shooting a stupid 3, he does a lot of things that the team lacks, and I'm not joking or being sarcastic at all.

So where do we go from here?

Well, we get to play a top 5 team, the undisputed best team in the conference, with perhaps the NCAA player of the year surrounded by just awesome players...

I seriously think our teams woes are more mental than physical. Are we the most talented team in the Big XII? No. But if we played harder, we could've done much better thus far.