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Clone Chronicles' Week 5 College Football Viewing Guide

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With the Cyclones not playing at Jack Trice, and not having the ability to travel to KC, I am hoping to catch a good amount of action this weekend, as I've missed out on a quite a bit.

Below is a listing of all the games this week, including ones I will be checking out and/or recommending to watch (all times in Central):

Tonight: Colorado vs. West Virginia, 6:30pm ESPN

I wouldn't watch this unless: 1) you are a CU/WVU fan, or 2)You are a hardcore College Football Fan, or 3)You are drunk. It's at WVU (who is favored by 17), and I just don't think it will be a game.

Friday, October 2: Pittsburgh vs. Louisville, 7pm ESPN

Lousville isn't the Louisville of a few years ago, and I'm not sure how this game will fare. I'd expect Pitt to win, but a conference road game at night on National TV can spell trouble. I'll probably check this out if I'm home, but I'm not making plans around this game either

Saturday, October 3rd


  • Michigan vs. Michigan State - Big 11 10 Network
  • Wisconsin vs. Minnesota - ESPN
  • Arkansas State vs. Iowa - ESPN2
  • Penn vs. Darthmouth - Versus

It's a rivalry game, it should be close, and I'm curious about both of these teams. I'm surprised a little that Wisconsin is 4-0 and I was also suprised with how close Minnesota played to Wisconsin. Michigan vs. Michigan State will probably be close as well, so I don't think you can go wrong there. I'd expect Iowa to win by 2-3 TDs against Arkansas State, and will probably do so in boring fashion.


  • Kansas State vs. ISU - Fox College Sports (On the Mediacom Sportspack, 2pm)
  • LSU vs. Georgia - CBS (2:30pm)
  • Penn State vs. Illinois - ABC (2:30pm)
  • Washington vs. Notre Dame - NBC (2:30pm)
  • Florida State vs. Boston College - ESPN (2:30pm)
  • William & Mary vs. Villanova - Versus (2:30pm)

Pretty obvious here. I'm going to be watching ISU, as I'm sure all of you will. I'll probably just dip into the others during halftime and also after the ISU game ends.

6pm - 7pm:

  • Ohio State vs. Indiana (6pm) - Big 10 Network
  • Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (at Cowboys' Stadium, 6:30pm) - ESPN2
  • Auburn vs. Tennessee (6:45pm) - ESPN
  • Southern Illinois vs. Western Illinois - Fox Sports Midwest
  • Oregon State vs. Arizona State (6pm) - Versus
  • South Carolina State vs. South Carolina (6pm) - ESPN Classic
  • Oklahoma vs. Miami (7pm) - ABC

An interesting timeslot. I think Oregon State and Arizona State will be close, so I'll probably watch the first hour of that or so.

To me, the game on ABC is going to be huge. It's such a big game for both teams. You've got OU coming off a bye week, possibly with Sam Bradford playing, in a game where if OU wins, they are legitimatley back in the National Title Conversation. With Miami, you've got a talented team, just coming off a big loss to Virginia Tech, and it will be interesting to see how that team responds. I think with a huge game like this, at night, with Miami at home and Oklahoma coming off a bye, both teams will show up. I'm really excited for this game!

What are you going to be watching? Anyone heading down to KC for the game?