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Week 6 Breakdown: A Tale Of Two Teams

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Last week, ISU's defense plays well enough to keep ISU in the game, with the offense missing opportunities. This week, ISU's offense plays well enough to keep ISU in the game, and the defense provides a big letdown (see pic above where Meier is eluding the Jesse Smith tackle).

Football is such a team sport, that you need to make play in all phases of the game.

When your offense is able to put up 36 points, you should win some ball games. But how did we lose? Here's how:

  • Todd Reesing going for 442 yards pasing
  • Dezmon Briscoe going for 186 yards receiving
  • Kerry Meier going for 142 yards receiving
  • Missing 2 PATs
  • Fumbling a snap on a 28 yard FG attempt, getting 0 points

Bad special teams and horrible defense isn't going to get you wins against ranked teams on the road. Leaving 5 points on the table and not making plays in crunch time is frustrating as hell. I just hope that sometime this season we can put it together. Our guys played hard, and I'm proud that they made it a game, but we had chances to win, and if we were slightly better, we would've taken this game from the Jayhawks.

More on this game, when I'm in a better mood, but it might not be for a while...