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Clone Chronicles' Week 7 College Football Viewing Guide

So technically Week 7 started on Tuesday between Arkansas-State and Louisiana-Monroe, and it continued yesterday with Boise St. vs. Tulsa. I dropped the ball with it, but being sick, I was busy doing other things.

Enough said. I've got the rest of Week 7 action listed along with what I'd recommend watching:

Thursday, October 15: Cincinnati vs. South Florida, 6:30pm, ESPN

Huge Big East matchup here. I think Cincy has an outside shot at a National Championship, and South Florida has been playing well, even though their starting QB is out for the season. Both teams are capable of putting up some serious points, and it should be fun to watch.

Friday, October 16: Pittsburgh vs. Rutgers, 7pm, ESPN

A Big East game that will feel like a Big 10 game. Not a horrible matchup, and there are worse things you could watch on a Friday night.

Saturday, October 17th:


  • Oklahoma vs. Texas – ABC
  • Iowa vs. Wisconsin – ESPN
  • Northwestern vs. Michigan State – ESPN2
  • Ohio State vs. Purdue – Big 10 Network
  • Princeton vs. Brown – Versus (11:30 kick)

Red River Shootout Rivalry time! This should be a fun game, especially if you're a Big 12 fan. The other options aren't that good anyways.


  • USC vs. Notre Dame – NBC
  • Texas Tech vs. Nebraska – ABC
  • Arkansas vs. Florida – CBS
  • Minnesota vs. Penn State – ESPN
  • Colorado State vs. TCU – Versus (3pm kick)
  • Indiana State vs. Illinois State – Fox Sports Midwest (2pm kick)

I guess I will get myself sucked back into the media hype with this one. I actually think each of the first five games listed could be fun, it just depends on what you're looking for. This is Notre Dame's chance to beat a "down" USC team. At the same time, I don't buy that Notre Dame winning this game means they are "for real". This is a preservation game. USC is trying to preserve it's National Title chances, while Charlie Weiss is trying to preserve his job. Also, if you're a Minnesota fan, you have got to be excited. This is the 3rd game of theirs on the ESPN family this year.

Southern Illinois vs. UNI – Mediacom Connections 22. If you are interested in UNI, it's your chance to watch them.

Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech – ESPN2.


  • Indiana vs. Illinois – Big 10 Network
  • Stanford vs. Arizona – Versus (6:30pm kick)
  • South Carolina vs. Alabama – ESPN (6:45pm kick)

Missouri vs. Oklahoma State – ESPN2

At this moment, I am not sure if I am going to attend the Cyclones game this Saturday. I'm still fighting the flu (or something), so it just depends on how I feel in the next couple of days. If I were to stay home and listen on the radio, I'd have VA-Tech vs. Georgia Tech on until 6:45 or so. If it was exciting, I'd stay with until until it became less exciting, and then I'd switch to South Carolina vs. Alabama. I would then switch between that game and Missouri vs. Oklahoma State, until South Carolina vs. Alabama became uninteresting, in which I'd end the night with Missouri vs. Oklahoma State on. All of this would be with the Cyclones on the radio in the background of course, so my TV would be on mute (plus the tv guys these days can be tough to listen to anyways).

With that, if you're heading to the game, have a good time. Have a safe and fun homecoming! I will post my Baylor preview either tonight or tomorrow, so be on the lookout for that!