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Clone Chronicles' College Football TV Viewing Guide - Week 8

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Week 8 starts tonight, so I thought I would get this up on time for a change. Same info applies (Mediacom, Central Iowa, Central Times listed, bolded game is what I'm interested in):

Today: Tulsa vs. UTEP, 7pm, ESPN

If you like points, this is the game for you. Both teams have the ability to put up 40+ points, last year this matchup resulted in 112 points combined.

Tomorrow: Florida State vs. North Carolina, 7pm, ESPN

A battle between who was the most overrated to start the year. Both teams started the season ranked and both are now winless in the ACC. Before the season started, ESPN thought they got an appointment TV kind of game, now it's a battle of the ACC basement. At the same time, it's football, and you could be watching something worse.

Friday: Rutgers vs. Army, 7pm, ESPN2

A lot of people enjoy watching games at Army, and sometimes teams lay an egg when they go there. Both teams could use a win, but Rutgers is the better team.



  • ISU vs. Nebraska – Fox Sports Midwest (11:30am kick)
  • Indiana vs. Northwestern – Big 10 Network
  • Minnesota vs. Ohio State – ESPN
  • Illinois vs. Purdue – ESPN2
  • Oklahoma State vs. Baylor – Versus (11:30am kick)

I'm glad ISU is on early, because the early linup stinks this week.


  • Oklahoma vs. Kansas – ESPN, Clemson vs. Miami - ESPN
  • Penn State vs. Michigan – ABC
  • Boston College vs. Notre Dame – NBC
  • Tennessee vs. Alabama - CBS
  • Air Force vs. Utah – Versus (3pm kick)
  • UNI vs. South Dakota State – Mediacom Connections 22 (2pm kick)

I messed up on the lineup for this timeslot. Apparently Oklahoma vs. Kansas will not be aired in our market at all, which I think sucks bigtime, as I was looking forward to that game. I think each of the games on ESPN, ABC, NBC, and CBS have the chance to be competitive. It just depends on where your alligences are. I'll probably watch a lot of Notre Dame vs. Boston College, as I haven't seen a lot of these teams yet this year. I'll be switching during the breaks and going with the hot game though.


  • TCU vs. BYU – Versus (6:30pm kick)
  • Iowa vs. Michigan State – Big 10 Network (6:00pm kick)
  • Auburn vs. LSU – ESPN2 (6:30pm kick)
  • Texas vs. Missouri – ABC (7:00pm kick)
  • Florida vs. Mississippi State – ESPN (6:30pm kick)

Less of a fan of the evening lineup, although Versus does have the best game during this timeslot as it features a matchup between two ranked teams, one in the BCS picture. TCU is trying to keep their BCS hopes alive and face their first real test of the season. BYU is playing better after getting rolled by Florida State in Week 2. Iowa vs. Michigan State is a close 2nd for me because Iowa has troubles winning in East Lansing.  Texas vs. Mizzou and Florida vs. Miss. State have the makings to be stinkers, but with the way Texas and Florida have been playing, maybe these games will be close for a while.

Night Cap: Arizona State vs. Stanford – Fox Sports Midwest (10:00pm kick)

As I've noted before, I like having the option of a Pac 10 game to end the evening. I'm not partial to the Pac 10, but just the location makes for a lot of 9pm and 10pm games. Not sure if I will watch it or not, but having the option to watch a game is nice.