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Wesley Staten No Longer Committed To Cyclones

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The title says it all. Wesley Staten. from the 2012 class out of Sioux City, Iowa, apparently has decided to explore other options. There was some facebook chatter on this, along with Rivals no longer listing him as a commitment. I do not know more about this at the time, other than it's obviously a dissapointment as he's a talented player.

This is part of the risk you take on when offering scholarships to 8th and 9th graders. At that age, if you can be the first school to offer a scholarship, the player is ecstatic, and how can they really say no? As they get older, hit the AAU circuit more, and get seen, often times they gain attention from other programs. It causes them to re-evaluate thier options. Probably when he committed he was excited to get an offer before he even played a high school game.  Think about that. If you were in in his position, wouldn't you have done the same?

Now that other programs are probably talking to him, maybe he's found a better fit for him.

The bad news is that we may have missed out on a good player. The good news is that there are still a couple more years before we have to fill the class, and it gives plenty to time to find someone else.

More updates on this will come if more information comes out.

Edit/UPDATE: 10/22 11:15 AM - Rivals has him listed again as a commitment... I guess that's what happens if you jump on a story too early. We will keep in eye on this information and let you know the latest. For now, he's still committed to ISU apparently, but there's also the chance that he may change.

UPDATE #2: 10/22 01:05 PM - Staten decommitting is now official. What are your thoughts on the recent news? Is this a big deal for you, or are you just concerend with the upcoming season?