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Week 8: We Shocked The World!!!

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This ISU team has some guts. Starting their backup QB and RB on the road, in an environment that they haven't been successful at since 1977, and does what it needs to get the victory!

What was that?

0 giveaways, 8 takeaways, the picture above is the story of the game. The game wasn't pretty offensively, but ISU did what they had to do. It would've been easy for this team to mail it in, but they came ready to play, and if you play hard you can win. It's a team sport, and ISU showed that if you have guts and play as a team, you win games. That's football.

Props go to the entire defensive unit, but Jesse Smith, the heart and soul of the team gets the game ball for this one! Tiller deserves some major props as well: no turnovers, managing the game, and picking up first downs when needed. That 4th quarter drive when they ate clock made it happen!

Now with 5 wins on the year, ISU looks to have one foot in a bowl game. Can they compete for the North? Who knows, but it's going to be a fun homestretch!

Enjoy this one Cyclone fans! They did it!