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Week 9: Tuesday Quick Hits

Below is the latest on the Football Team:

  • The new depth chart was released. The big changes are that Josh Lenz is now starting over Darius Darks. Nice for Lenz as he's been stepping up, but Darks will still see the field I am sure. Also Jacques Washington is now listed as the #2 LCB behind Banks, because Benton is out for the rest of the year with a broken foot that he sustained during the first half on Saturday.
  • During the weekly media conference, Coach Rhoads said he expected Arnaud and A-Rob to play. He stated that A-Rob was able to participate in running drills on Sunday, the first time he had done so since prior to the Army game. Hopefully this is a sign that A-Rob is recovering after a much needed week off.
  • Also Coach Rhoads confirmed that James Smith will have to sit out the first half of the A&M game, after getting ejected during the 2nd half of the Huskers game. If you recall, Smith stuck a Husker player in the facemask after a play in which ISU recovered a fumble. The Huskers player was not innocent either, but the refs caught the retaliation, which is what usually happens.
  • Another win, another commitment. On Monday night, DB Clifford Morgan out of Frostproof, FL commited to the Cyclones. The recruiting class is now up to 16 players, and I'm sure there are more to come after what this coaching staff has been able to do thus far.

More on the the football team as the week goes on, and I'm behind on basketball coverage at this point, but will get some stuff up soon on that, as we're now less than a week from the first exhibition game.