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Getting Caught Up on Basketball

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I am a big college basketball fan. I love it more than college football, and if you can't tell, I'm a pretty big college football fan. We are now about 40 days away from the first basketball game that counts. There has been a lot going on this offseason, and I thought I'd post some links getting all of us up to speed as to what has been going on with the program:

  • This summer, Craig Brackins and Lucca Staiger participated in the World University Games in Belgrade, Serbia.  You can read more about Brackins' experience here and here.
  • After the World University Games, Lucca Staiger hung around and played on the German National Team. He just got back to Ames a little over a week ago. What I do worry about is how much work he put in the offseason playing games. I recall Coach McDermott mentioning in an interview that Lucca's troublesome knee is in the shape of a 10-year vet, and it's more of a fatigue injury. Lucca has been wildly inconsistent, and I just worry about whether his body took too large of a toll this offseason, and if he will be able to stay fresh the whole College Basketball season. If you think about it, in the past calendar year, he's played in about 67 games (35 in the summer, 32 in the 2008-2009 season). You can read more about his experience here.
  • Also, the new basketball practice facility opened, and players have begun working out there. Click here to take the virtual tour if you haven't seen it yet.  I was able to tour the facility about a month ago, and it's great that the program is finally starting to catch up with other big time programs in putting this in.
  • On the recruiting front, we did pick up a couple of commitments over the summer, and Harrison Barnes is going to sign during the early signing period in November.
  • There is also a rumor floating that Army is interested in Iowa State Assistant Coach Daniyal Robinson for their open head coaching position. Robinson has a ties to Chicago and Illinois, so this would be a big loss for ISU recruiting-wise. At the same time, it's good that people are interested in your assistants. When is the last time we had an assistant coach being looked at for a head coaching position in either Basketball or Football? It's been a while.

That's pretty much all I have at this point. This year has the potential to be the first in which we have taken a step forward in McDermott's tenure. Every year has felt like a rebuilding year. With Brackins, Gillstrap, and others, I'm exciting big things this year. I will try to keep up to date with relevent Cyclone Basketball news. Over the course of the month, the focus will start to shift more towards basketball.