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Week 6: Monday Iowa State Football Links

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It's Monday. The weekend is over, back at work, back at school, and the players are going back to work. Here is some Monday Football news:

  • The new depth chart was released. Alexander Robinson is listed as the #1 RB still, but that doesn't mean anything to me. Some media outlets are taking this as that he is expected to start, but I personally do not. It's hard to tell how the injury is, and it's one of those that can linger through a whole season if you do not let it heal. I wouldn't make any assumptions, and we will just have to see when the players suit up on Saturday. Other than that, not a whole lot is really new. Allen Bell and Devin McDowell are not listed on the depth chart, and Randy Peterson at the Des Moines Register reported on Saturday that both players have left the team.
  • The Homecoming game against Baylor on October 17th will kickoff at 6pm. No TV announcement at all, but the 6pm FSN game is taken by Colorado. It's either going to be on FCS, or not at all.
  • Our Defense was so bad last week, that Grant Gregory won Big 12 Offensive Player Of The Week. All I have go to say is f that. I mean the guy made some plays, and I gave him some props in my post game writeup, but Gregory is not the kind of guy who's going to contend for this award week in and week out. Our Defense just played poorley, especially on 3rd down, and he made us pay.
  • On the recruiting front, Iowa State picked up LB Cqulin Hubert out of Houston, Texas (Eisenhower HS).  Kansas State, Louisiana-Monroe, New Mexico State, Tulsa, and Utah State were all in the mix. I do not think I ever mentioned it online, but about a week ago, ISU also picked up a commitment from OL Tom Farnoik out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Washington HS). He's listed as a 2 start right now on Rivals.
  • Lastly, ISU has opened as a 19 point dog against KU on Saturday. Playing on the road, against a good offense coming off a bye week doesn't fare well, and I don't think one can really argue with the line.

That's all I have right now. Paul Rhoads did his weekley teleconference today, and I hopefully will get to listen it tonight or tomorrow. If he says anything worthy of noting, I will recap. Admittedly, I am a big Minnesota Vikings fan, and apparently there is a game tonight.... Not sure if anyone heard about it...