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Week 6: Wednesday Night Thoughts

Some thoughts about this weeks' matchup against Kansas:

  • I'm tired of Iowa State's passing game not being effective. Our offensive line has improved a ton, and we have a running game that is allowing Iowa State to rush for 208 yards/game. There is no reason why we should not have a legit passing game. Last year, Arnaud passed for nearly 2800 yards on the season. At this rate, he will only get to 1900 yards on the season. Arnaud has been sacked only once the entire year, so it's not like he doesn't have time to throw the ball. If this team could pass like last year, they would be respectable.
  • I am not sure how on board I am with this new offensive system for the 2009 season. Maybe it's too complicated right now with the passing. Maybe to execute it requires players of a different skill set. At the same time, as a coach you need to make the system fit the players you currently have. Arnaud passed for 2800 yards, and completed 63% of his passes. I think he can be a player if the playcalling fits his strengths. In the long term, maybe it's the right system once you can recruit the players will the skill set to run it. In the meantime, I think there needs to be more simplification... I remember listening to a Peyton Manning interview not too long ago. He talked about how so many teams get wrapped up in how many different plays they have, but with the Colts it's not about the number of players they have, but rather the number that they run well. He talked about how if they can execute a play really well, they will run it throughout the game. Maybe for passing plays, it needs to be reduced to 4 or 5 plays with a few variations here and there. Once the offense can execute those handful of passing plays well, they can open the playbook up more.
  • I don't buy that Alexander Robinson is ready to go. Yes he's listed #1 on the depth chart, and yes the beat writers along with coach say he's going to give it a go, but have any of them ever pulled their groin? It is a pain in the butt to say the least. Plus, A-Rob tweaked it last week. I'd rather have him sit out and wait for it to heal, than to try to come back each week and re-injure it.
  • Rhoads' and Mangino's Media Teleconferences sucked. Only thing I heard from Rhoads worth noting is that Bo Williams hasn't been as good as the other players at practice, but might play if A-Rob can't go, because Schwartz doesn't have his speed. All Mangino said worth noting is that Jake Sharp might play. If you haven't been following, Sharp injured his calf, and is going to be a gametime decision. With how well, KU has been passing the ball, I don't think it will have much of an impact on the game if Sharp sits out.
  • I can't wait to get this game going. Not because I think we are going to win, but because I'm tired of hearing about the blocked PAT. I just want to move on from it. If you Google News "Iowa State Football", there are many prominent stories about the kick being blocked. It's not often I'm going to be excited to get a game going in which we are 19.5 point dogs, but it's better than dwelling on the past.
  • Last time ISU beat a ranked team on the road: Beat #16 Oklahoma 33-31 in 1990. The point spread?  ISU +23. Now we are facing a #16 team and are only a 19.5 point dog! Change your thoughts on the game NOW??? Me neither...

I will write up my Week 6 preview tomorrow night, so be on the lookout for that. What are your thoughts on this week?