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Clone Chronicles' Week 6 College Football Viewing Guide

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Another installment of what games are on TV in Central Iowa, and which games I'll be watching if I have the chance (all times Central)

Tonight: Nebraska vs. Missouri, 8pm ESPN
A huge game. Columbia at night is tough, and Missouri I think is pretty good. If either team wants to win the North, I think they have to win this game.

Tomorrow: Louisiana Tech vs. Nevada, 8pm ESPN
I am going to skip this game. I don't know if it's going to be fun to watch, and I can find something better to do than watch two teams I could care less about.



  • Auburn vs. Arkansas - ESPN
  • Purdue vs. Minnesota - ESPN2
  • Eastern Illinois vs. Penn State - ESPN Classic
  • Michigan State vs. Illinois - Big 10 Network
  • Oklahoma State vs. Texas A&M - Fox Sports Midwest (11:30am)
  • ISU vs. Kansas - Versus (11:30am)

Remember, Versus is not available on Directv, but it is available via Dish Network and Mediacom. If you have Directv, make friends with a Mediacom subscriber and go to their place. If the game gets out of hand, and you just can't watch it, I think OSU vs. A&M could be decent, along with Auburn vs. Arkansas.


  • Alabama vs. Mississippi - CBS
  • Wisconsin vs. Ohio State - ABC
  • UConn vs. Pitt - ESPN

Pretty slim pickings in this timeslot. Alabama and Mississippi could be the best one in this timeslot. Alabama only won by 4 last year and that was at home. I haven't been impressed with Ole Miss, but when you play against a big team at home, I'd expect them to get up for this game.

Wisconsin is a pretender and I'd expect Ohio State to roll them, while UConn and Pitt play a boring brand of football, though I think that game will be competitive.


  • Colorado vs. Texas - ESPN

I will be watching the first 45 minutes of this game or so. I want to see if it's still a game at 7pm.


  • Florida vs. LSU - CBS
  • Michigan vs. Iowa - ABC
  • Georgia Tech vs. Florida State - ESPN2

Even if Tebow doesn't play, LSU still has to go against Florida's defense. I think it will be close. I think Michigan vs. Iowa will be close as well, and I will be checking in during commericials. The tie breaker is that I find SEC football more entertaining (and better) than Big 10 football. Georgia Tech vs. Florida State looked to be a great game when the schedules first game out, but both teams were overrated to start the year, so now it's just an OK game.

And that's pretty much it. I am a little dissapointed that Fox Sports Midwest and/or Versus does not have a late night Pac 10 game on, because it's fun to end the evening with that. I will probably switch over to MLB playoffs and watch the rest of Philadelphia vs. Colorado on TBS.