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Week 11: Better Be On A Mission

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This football team needs to play like they are on a mission.  After them coming out two weeks in a row, tenative and lacking energy, I hope to see a MUCH different team hitting the field this Saturday. With the way the season started, not getting bowl eligible would be an utter dissapointment. In my opinion, if you can't beat Colorado at home, then you don't deserve to go to a bowl anyway.

Iowa State is opening up as a 4.5-5.5 point favorite (depending on where you go), and we will see what happens. The fact that Colorado not only beat A&M, but scored 35 points has to be a cause for concern, as ISU has scored less than that the past 3 games combined!

That said, no more excuses. In previous weeks we could point to A-Rob, Arnaud, or Stephens being out. Then against Oklahoma State, they were all back, and we still sucked it up offensivley. I hope this week they get it together. It going to be Senior day, and I'm sure Stephens, Hamilton, Brandtner, along with others will want to make their last game at Jack Trice Stadium a memorable one.

More on this matchup later in the week. Just hoping these guys play like they're on a mission come Saturday!