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Harrison Barnes: One More Day!

Well, the "Big Day" is tomorrow. I wonder what Harrison will do today? I wonder who's cousin's brother's uncle's nephew's, and aunt's have that inside scoop and will tell us where Harrison is going.....

I've seen some posters on message boards saying stuff like "don't ask me how I know, but I know".... We'll see about that.

I honestly can't imagine what this guy must be going through, and how he's handling the pressure/scrutiny. You gotta remember, this is a 17 year old kid.

In other news, Mevlin Ejim did sign his LOI as expected and will be part of the 2010 MBB Class. That's good news, but obviously secondary news at this point, along with the first real basketball game tomorrow night, and the football game on Saturday.

Unless, something crazy happens today, or someone has some info that would lead to an epic meltdown, this will probably be the last I talk of Barnes until around 3pm tomorrow. I'll put up some type of a preview for the game tomorrow, and the football game on Saturday. Ames hasn't completly shut down, and there are plenty of other things going on as well...