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Week 11: Iowa State 17, Colorado 10: ONE MORE GAME!

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Watching these Seniors play hard to get bowl eligible was great! A fun game to go to without a doubt. After the win, the fans took the field, including myself, where I heard many-a-player say "one more game" after fans were saying "good game". I couldn't agree more. Being bowl eligible is nice, but sealing the deal is what they need to be focused on.

We did better than anyone thought we would. There wasn't a SB Nation blog out there that thought going 6-6 was reasonable for Iowa State. I love it when this team proves people wrong. The same thing is going to happen for basketball as well, and it will be equally fun come March.

I'd say the big difference in this game were the penalties. Colorado was really bone-headed at times, especially #77. HIs holding/cussing out the ref, took Colorado from an opportunity to get a TD to missing a field goal. There were many more examples, but Colorado's lack of discipline was Iowa State's gain. It wasn't the prettiest game, but a win is a win.

I also have to give props for this team for coming out and playing with passion and intensity. It was missing the past couple of weeks and glad to see the team come out and play hard. There's a lot of things that you can't control, but you can control how hard you play.

Enjoy this Cyclone fans. There's a decent chance we get to a bowl (which I will examine either later tonight or tomorrow), and let's cheer this team on next week! If you can get to Columbia, get there. Missouri will be a tough game, but it's a winnable one.

I'm happy for the Seniors, and can't wait until next week with the opportunity to finish the job!