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MBB '09-'10 Game #2 Preview: Chicago State

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I-State vs. Chi-State. Let's see how it all goes down!

The Cougars are 1-0 after coming off a 81-61 Victory to Concordia (IL) University, a D-III team. They play in the Great West Basketball Conference (in its first year), along with teams like South Dakota, North Dakota, Houston Baptist, and others.The last time ISU played Chicago State was 1998.

Last year Chicago State was a team that could put the ball in the hoop, averaging about 84 points per game. They lost a majority of that team due to graduation, however, so I wouldn't expect all that much from this team.

Based on minutes played in the first game, these are the two guys to be on the lookout for: #21 Carl Montgomery (F), and #20 Christian Wall (SG). Montgomery picked up 22 points, 17 boards (9 offensive), while Wall picked up 18 points on 7 of 13 shooting.

From the ISU-side of things, not a whole lot is new, since there's only been 1 day between these games. I will be interested in seeing whether Hamilton and Lucca start, and how many of their minutes do Dendy and Christopherson pick up. Against an opponent like this, however, I'm sure we will play a deep rotation again, and see a little bit of a lot of guys.

Looking forward to seeing how we've improved. The more the team plays together, the less sloppy it gets (I hope!).