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Surprising ISU Hoops Stat

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I was doing some reading online about this matchup, and on the preview, I saw a stat I could not believe. The Cyclones are 9-0 when shooting over 50% in the McDermott era. WOW.

I'm surprised that Iowa State has had only 9 games that they've shot over 50%. McDermott has coached 96 games at Iowa State. It just shows how bad the teams the past few years have been from an offensive standpoint. The game is all about putting the ball in the hoop. If you can do that, you'll win some games. If you can't, then you won't. Yes, defense is important, but you still need guys to put the ball in the hole.

I just can't believe the rate is so low (9/96). That has to be one of the worst in the BCS conferences I would think, but I don't have the time to even attempt to look that up.

Hopefully we see many games where the team shoots at or above 50%, and we win some games.