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Week 12: Missouri 34, ISU 24

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Frustrating game. Not a lot to say at this point. In the first half, the Cyclones played great, and the defense was able to keep them in the game. Darius Darks finally had a great game, catching 9 passes for 107 yards, and 1 TD.

In the second half, ISU's D got burned, and their offense shot themselves in the foot too many times. Missouri just has the better athletes and executed better. Missouri dominated in the trenches and wore down the Cyclones. Down the stretch, Missouri's O-Line was able to give Gabbert time and open up holes to run the ball. Missouri picked up tons of 4-5 yard runs on 2nd down, setting up short 3rd downs.

Defensivley, Missouri was able to put consistent pressure on Arnaud in the second half, as he didn't have a lot of time to throw and got sacked 3 times.

Disappointing, but in due time, the better team won. For ISU to give up 530+ yards and to stay in it until halfway through the 4th quarter says a lot about the effort. This offense is just not good enough to have a shootout with teams, and this defense needs to pick up stops as the game goes on. Too many penalties and missed opportunities for the Cyclones.

The attention now is turned to the K-State vs. Nebraska game. If Nebraska wins, ISU is in a Big 12 Bowl Game (likely Shreveport). If K-State wins, ISU is most likely going outside of the Big 12 to a bowl game (likely Boise, Detroit, or Mobile, but we will see).