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K-State Loses, I Think ISU Will Go To Shreveport

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With K-State losing, they are out of the bowl picture. That now leaves 8 bowl eligible teams with Kansas having the chance of getting bowl eligible with a win over Missouri next weekend.

I think Missouri goes to the Insight Bowl, and Texas A&M going to either the Sun Bowl or Texas Bowl (depending on if Okie State goes to the BCS and/or if Texas loses to Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game). Either way, ISU goes to Shreveport I think. If KU were to get bowl eligible, I don't see them getting selected and ISU not. ISU has had a good relationship with the Independence Bowl, and I'm sure that would be a factor

I know many ISU fans aren't the hugest fans of Shreveport, but I'm OK with it. It's in a warmer location than Ames, Iowa, and it's a bowl game. On top of that, it's a town that actually goes all-out for the Bowl Game. There are limited things to do, but who cares? If it is indeed Shreveport, I'm probably driving down the day before the game, hitting up the game, and then driving back up to Ames the next day.

Now, don't go booking your tickets just yet. Nothing in guarenteed, and there is still a couple weeks worth of action that are yet to be played out.

I just think it's great for the program that we can be talking about a bowl game. The extra practices will be great for the younger guys, and it's fun to be able to play one more game on National TV to end the season!