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MBB '09-'10 Game #5: Tennessee State Preview

Tomorrow the Cyclones take the court again, continuing this "tournament", facing the Tennessee State Tigers. If you're wondering who the Tigers are and what they're all about, then let me tell you!

62.7, 39.4, 30, and 19.7

Still lost? They average 62.7 points/game, they have shot 39.4% on the year, average 30 boards/game, and average 19.7 turnovers/game!

In otherwords, they suck. As long as ISU plays their game, we're looking at another home blowout. I'm not trying to be a hater, but a team that scores this few of points, shoots the ball this poorly, and turns the ball over this much, is not a big threat, especially when we're playing at home...

They may have given our team last year a run for their money, but this is '09-'10 baby! We're going dancing, and these mofos from Tennesse State aren't going to slow us down at all!

All ISU needs to go is go out there, run the floor, dominate, then close the game with Buckley, Dorr, and Pomlee running the show!

As far as the other details about this game, it tips off at 7pm Central. You can watch on Clone Zone, or listen on the radio... Or, you can get to Hilton because the Lord knows there's going to be a ton of empties!