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Making An Executive Decision

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I went into this winter season hoping that I would be able to do some type of coverage for Women's Basketball, along with Wrestling. I enjoy both of these sports, and they have done ISU well. At the same time, I now realize that I simply do not have the time to cover all of these teams, especially when things really get rolling.

With the direction that SB Nation is going with their partnerships, it makes sense to have this be a Football and Men's Basketball site. I feel that if I can focus on just these two sports, that I can provide better content and go more in depth on particular topics.

At the same time, this site is intended to be about the fans, and as a fan, you do have a voice. If you are fans of the other sports, want to discuss or share something related to these programs, you can always do a fanpost. If it's quality, I'll bump it to the front page. 

It's tough because I know how loved these other programs are, and I do support and attend their events, but I know this is what's best for everyone right now.