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Another Look At ISU's Bowl Chances

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After Missouri's narrow victory over KU, ISU has secured a Big 12 Bowl Berth. The question now is where are they going?

In short, I think it's between Shreveport and Houston. Originally, I thought Texas A&M was a lock for Houston, but after a strong showing against Texas along with their devoted fan base, I can see how how they would go to a better bowl than ISU...

Here's how I think the bowls will go:

BCS: Texas

Cotton: Nebraska

Holiday: Oklahoma State

Alamo: Oklahoma/Texas Tech

Sun: Texas Tech/Oklahoma

Insight: Missouri

Independence:Texas A&M/ISU

Texas: ISU/Texas A&M

It's all politics from here. I was wishing for Insight, but happy with a bowl regardless. Kind of hard to be complaining in my opinion. Even if Nebraska beats Texas, I am not sure that I see ISU going anywhere higher than Independence. Just nice to know that I won't be dragging the wife out to Boise in late December!