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Another Look At Iowa State's Rebound Rate Improvement

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A few days ago, I posted an analysis of individual stats. You can read the whole post here. Well, I realized today that I had the rebound rate formula. I wanted to repost the improvements from last year to this year thus far, with the correct calculation. On Tuesday, I will post team and all of the individual stats for November, along with my player of the month for November.

The table below is looking at the improvements from returning players year over year for Rebound Rate:

2009-2010 2008-2009 Change
Brackins 14% 17% -3%
Vanderbeken 13% 12% +1%
Hamilton 12% 12% --
Boozer 8% 11% -3%
Buckley 5% 7% -2%
Garrett 5% 6% -1%
Staiger 4% 5% -1%


Fundamentally, I think being within 3-4% of the previous season is just variance. Nothing to be too worried about yet.

Now that I'm squared away with this, expect to see correct amounts from here on out. I just wanted to get this fix out there before going forward with more stats later this week.