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Week 10: Oklahoma State Week Links and Thoughts

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After the performance in College Station, I get the feeling that a lot of ISU fans are disappointed. The best way to get over it is to move on and start looking towards the next opponent, in this case the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

  • The new depth chart was released yesterday. The biggest change is the RB situation. Bo Williams is now listed as the #2, and Beau Blankenship is listed as the #3. Schwartz is not listed on the chart this week. So many questions have been asked about Bo, and after seeing action last week, breaking off a 44 yard run on his first ever carry, perhaps he's earned some clock. He's been an interesting story this year as people have gone the "secret weapon" angle with him, and hisi debut will add to the legend of Bo Williams.
  • Austen Arnaud, Alexander Robinson, and Reggie Stephens are all expected to play. Robinson looked healthy (watched the Cyclone Replay), so that's no surprise. I'm still not 100% sure on Arnaud. His injury is definitley worse than originally reported, and he's going to need to have confidence in gripping the ball in order to play. I think if we're going to give the Cowboys a game, he needs to be in and healthy. He's more decisive, can run with more authority, and he's just more comfortable than Tiller is. With Stephens, it's great to have him back for sure; he's a great player. I thought that our O-Line did a great job last week in his absence, however. 
  • Oklahoma State is currently a 7-7.5 point favorite. I'll look at their strengths and weaknesses more in the next day or two as I work on the preview, but at first glance, I think it's a little low. I'll post more on it as I do more research.
  • Iowa State's Week 11 matchup against Colorado will kickoff at 1pm, and will not be televised. A little dissapointing, as ISU will either be trying to get bowl eligible, or trying to lock in on a bowl berth. Either way, probably the biggest home game in the past 5 years or so, and Cyclone fans will have to get to Jack Trice to see it. I have my ticket and am looking forward to it!
  • Curious about the payout a team gets for being on TV? The Cyclones will get $301,000 for being on ABC, as opposed to the $175,000 if it were to air on Versus (compared to $0 if not on TV at all). You can already figure the dollars and cents, and how much at a disadvantage ISU can have at times, as being on ABC is a big deal, and happens once every once in a while. 

That's the news, and my thoughts about it at the moment. I am hosting the Big 12 Roundtable this week, so look for that on Friday or so. Also, I will do a preview for Oklahoma State, and plan on posting either on Thursday or Friday as well, so that's another thing to look for as well, along with the beginning of basketball coverage as well. Busy indeed, but a lot of fun to be able to get to many of these games, and being around the athletic program as they are looking to be on the way up after these past 3-4 years!