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2009-2010 Iowa State Winter Sports Coverage

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With the winter sports getting underway shortly, you may be wondering about the coverage we will do. Iowa State has a large following in both Women's Basketball and Wrestling, and I think it's important to cover these topics during the season. The focus on here is always going to be Football and Men's Basketball. They are the money-makers, and that's what people want to read about.

Since I am only one guy, who has season tickets to Men's Basketball, along with a wife and full time job doing something other than writing about sports, there's no way I can possibly cover Women's Basketball and Wrestling to the degree of the other sports. Plus, there are a lot of fans that don't care as much about these sports, and I don't want to bury them in Wrestling Coverage when they're just trying to read about the basketball team.

So here's what I'm going to do:

  • Men's Basketball - Cover more like I have been with Football. Previews, gamethreads, post game breakdown, recruiting, etc. As stated before, this is will be the primary focus during the winter months, and I'll have something up at least a few times a week.
  • Women's Basketball - It's going to be a weekly feature on Sundays. This is when the polls come out, and also the day of a handful of non-conference games. I'll give my two cents on what I think is going on. If there is a "big game" happening, I may do a writeup of that specific game as well.
  • Wrestling -  A weekly feature on Thursdays. I'll update on what has been going on, a preview of the weekend's events (most events happen on the weekends), along with rankings updates. The only dual I can see doing a writeup on similar to football would be against Iowa. The Cyclones have so many dates away from home, that there's not many chances to see them in Ames this year. The coverage would likely pickup during the Big 12 tournament, and also during the NCAA tournament, as this is the last chance for Iowa State to win a National Title for probably a couple of years.

That's pretty much it. If there's something I am missing, or a storyline I'm not telling, by all means writeup a fanpost. There's no way I can tackle everything in these three programs.