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Clone Chronicles Weekend Schedule for November 6th-8th, 2009

I have fallen a bit behind this week with work and other obligations, but should be able to get back up to speed this weekend. Below is what to expect the next few days:

  • This Afternoon: College Football Matchups I'm looking forward to
  • Today/Tonight: SB Nation Roundtable Consolidated Results. I did not get a chance to participate in the week I was hosting, but I will include my power rankings in the final result.
  • Later Tonight: Thoughts about the exhibition against UNC-Pembroke
  • Late Tonight/Early Saturday: Oklahoma State preview
  • Saturday Afternoon: Oklahoma State Gamethread. I will be at the game and unable to update, but those of you watching at home, feel free to chime in!
  • Saturday Night: Oklahoma State post-game
  • Sunday Morning: CBS Blogpoll Ballot, thoughts about this week's college football action.
  • Sunday Night: Women's Basketball Weekly Column #0

There will be plenty to check out over this weekend, so please do! And as always, feel free to chime in on how you feel about these topics as they're posted as well.