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Clone Chronicles' College Football Matchups To Look Forward To In Week 10

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I think the title says it all. These are the matchups that I am curious what the results are going to be. These games may not necessarily be on TV, but will have an impact on the College Football season:

  • Oklahoma State @ Iowa State: And not just because I'm an ISU fan. Just curious how the first team offense plays with all of their guys back for the first time in a while. If ISU could pull off some magic, getting to 7 wins is a strong possibility. This is a huge game, not just for ISU but for the Big 12. If ISU gets only 6 wins, there may be a chance they do not get invited to a bowl.
  • Northwestern @ Iowa: Iowa hasn't been playing great at home, but they should win it. The only reason I list it is because I'm interested as to whether or not the Hawks are looking ahead to Columbus.
  • Kansas @ Kansas State: Huge game for the Big 12 North. If K-State wins, they will be at 4 conference wins, with a decent shot to win the North. If Kansas wins, it keeps their hopes alive as well. With Texas still on the schedule, if Kansas loses this game, they are out of North contention in my mind.
  • LSU @ Alabama: I expect Alabama to come out ready to go after having a bye week. But, but but, if LSU wins this game, they have the inside track on 'Bama for an SEC Championship berth... Which is why I think 'Bama will be ready to go.
  • Ohio State @ Penn State: If you're a Hawk fan, you're all over this game as well. If Ohio State wins it, the Iowa vs. Ohio State game the following week is basically for the Rose Bowl berth....  If Penn State wins it, Iowa would have to lose 2 of their last 3 games to not go to the Rose Bowl, making their matchup against Ohio State less relevant. I'd love it if Ohio State won because I like having big games week in and week out... I'm sure an Iowa fan would rather have it the other way, because there's almost no way this team loses to two of Northwestern, Ohio State, and Minnesota.

And there you have it. There are some pretty nice matchups, and this time of year is so much fun as teams are jockeying for position in their conference and/or going for bowl eligibility.