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Week 10: Oklahoma State Preview

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I'm going to keep this preview short and sweet, as I was behind on it.

The game is at 2:30pm Central time. It's regionally on ABC. It's at Jack Trice against a #19 (in the BCS) team in Oklahoma State.

This is a big game for the Cyclones as they continue their question to push for a bowl bid. Pulling the upset here would almost ensure that. With the weather reaching 70, there's really no reason that a Cyclone fan in the area should NOT get to this game. There are plenty of tickets available. If you're reading this and have the chance to go, roll on up! The team could use it. Just buy a hillside and then sneak into an upper corner section and sit there! I did that all year last year!

How We Match Up:

Look at how the teams fare:

1. Iowa State's #16 rushing offense (199 yards/game) vs. Oklahoma State's #6 rushing defense (90 yards/game)

2. Iowa State's #101 passing offense (173 yards/game) vs. Oklahoma State's #107 passing defense (263 yards/game)

3. Oklahoma State's #43 rushing offense (158 yards/game) vs. Iowa State's #63 rushing defense (144 yards/game)

4. Oklahoma State's #63 passing offense (214 yards/game) vs. Iowa State's #95 passing defense (253 yards/game)

All of my questions about this game surround Iowa State. Will they be able to run against this defense? If not, will they be able to take advantage of facing a bad passing defense? Defensively, can Iowa State stop the run? Also, can Iowa State hold Oklahoma State to their passing averages?

That's why the play the game. Let's go State! Let's pull this off!