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Week 10 Wrap-up: Iowa State 8, Oklahoma State 34

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In my preview, I talked about some of the questions the Cyclones needed to answer to win the game.

I think we found out that the #16 rushing offense can't not rush well against the #6 rushing defense. We also found that that the #101 passing offense cannot pass the ball against the #107 passing defense. When Iowa State had the ball, it was classic strength on strength, with OSU's being better.

The Iowa State defense is still somewhere in Lincoln Nebraska. Our offense is out of sync right now. The frustrating thing is that this wasn't even a game for any period of time. I can handle losing. I think Oklahoma State is a really good team. I've had them at #3 in my Big 12 weekly power rankings. I didn't expect us to win.... But I did expect us to be competitive for at least a half.

Whatever kind of passion and intensity this team played with in Lincoln did not make it's way to College Station, nor in Ames. This team did NOT look ready to play at all, and it showed. Oklahoma State had their way with us. If they hadn't played it so conservativley late in the 2nd quarter and in the 4th quarter, they would've put up 50.

So what happens now? Everyone assumed that the Colorado game would be the one where we got bowl eligible. With Colorado scoring 35, let along beating A&M, and with the way Iowa State's offense has been playing, how can anyone be confident that Iowa State will win? I can tell you that if they come out next week the way they did this week, they stand no chance.

It just seems to me that this team felt like "they made it" against Nebraska, and haven't had any kind of edge. We've looked soft, and are playing the way we did down the stretch last year. This team has it in them to play hard, but they just aren't right now.

Also, when you're down by 27 late in the 4th quarter and you come up with a stop on defense, don't celebrate on the field. It looks foolish.

This team needs to put in a lot of work this next week, because they need to win the following week.