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Random Thoughts About Week 10 (Clone Chronicles)

My takeaways from Week 10's College Football action:

1. Football is a team sport

Iowa Fan - it has to be really frustrating in what happened on Saturday. At the same time, if your backup QB can't come in and contribute, you don't have as a good team as you thought. There are other teams winning with their backup QB, ask Cincinnati. .You need to have backups that can step up. In football, they are one play away from going in. Yes your team is better than Iowa State's, you still have a chance at the Rose Bowl (with the consolation going to a very good bowl game), but now you can see why the national media didn't respect you as a legit national champion.

Oklahoma - If your kicking game was better, you would have beat Nebraska. Yes a lot of turnovers were committed, including an interception that set up the only TD in the game, but if your kicker made some of those gimmes, you may have won. Still, it's a team sport. If you have a crap kicker, then it's going to hold your team back.

2. WTF?

Cyclones- You forgot to show up to the game yesterday. If playing at home, on ABC, with a chance to get bowl eligible, isn't enough to get you up for the game, I have no clue what is.

Kansas - W-T-F?????? Seriously. A 4 game losing streak including Colorado and K-State? Are they even trying anymore? I just can't believe with the talent they have on the offensive side of the ball, that they are sucking this much. With games against Nebraska, Texas, and Missouri, I am seriously wondering if they can even get one more win to get to a bowl.

Texas A&M - WHAT is going ON???? Against Oklahoma State you looked good. The following week against K-State, you looked like shit. Then against Texas Tech you looked really good, Iowa State's crap defense made you look great. But then you go up to Boulder and allow 35 points?? Colorado isn't some high scoring attack. Hell, you sacked their QB 8 times and LOST! W......T.......F

Houston - You are a paper tiger. After pulling two wins out of your ass in consecutive weeks, I don't think Houston is a good team. A ranked team should be rolling through the CUSA, not struggling. The polls have them ranked way too high!

Notre Dame - I don't know what's crazier, the fact you lost to Navy, or the fact that Navy got a safety on you. I cannot believe that people had this team in the BCS conversation. Navy is a solid team, but if you're thinking BCS, you gotta beat that team... Especially at home.

3. The Bottom Line

College football is crazy and this is an awesome time of year! Anything can happen, and this is feeling a little bit like March Madness with the hoops! All that I will say is that if there's going to be this much parity in the game, there needs to be another way to crown the champion. The current system works better if you have 8 or 9 dynasties, and we simply don't have that.

I can't wait for Week 11!