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What Are Iowa State's Bowl Chances? Week 11 Edition Part 2 - Who To Root For/Against

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Alright. Assuming you've read Part 1, I thought I'd create a list so that Iowa State fans can figure out who they want to see win or lose to give us the best bowl chances. After Week 11 action, I will update the list for Week 12.

  1. Captain Obvious: Root for ISU over Colorado
  2. Root against K-State. With Missouri and Nebraska left, they could lose out. This will get Missouri to at least 6 wins. I think Missouri gets to 6 wins regardless anyways, so might as well root against the team that isn't a definite in with K-State. Having K-State out of the picture would open up possibilities for ISU and Kansas (assuming both get 1 more win, which isn't a sure thing either) to get a Big 12 bowl.
  3. Root Against Michigan. Having a Big 10 team in the At Large Picture would hurt ISU's chances
  4. Root Against Duke. If you hate them in basketball, hate them in football too! Duke needs 1 more win with 3 games left. If Duke doesn't get in, the EagleBank bowl would be open.
  5. Root Against Wake Forest. If Wake loses this week, they are out of the picture, and the chances of the GMAC Bowl being open would be higher.
  6. Root Against Arizona State and UCLA. If neither become bowl eligible, then Nevada will get the Poinsettia Bowl instead of them going to a different open bowl. Hell, root against Nevada too! If they avoid getting to a bowl, the Poinsettia Bowl would be open as well.
  7. Root Against UConn. Normally I would say to do so, so that Middle Tennessee State would take the St. Petersburg bowl. That would work out better for ISU. BUT, after what UConn had to go through during this season, this is a team I'm rooting for to make a bowl game.