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End of November Look at the Cyclones

Now that November is in the books, let's take a look at how the Cyclones have done. It's crazy to think that 22% of this season has already gone by!

November Totals National Rank Conference Rank
Record 6-1 -- --
Expected Record 6-1 -- --
RPI #161 -- --
Pomeroy Rank #44 -- --
Sagarin Rank #55 -- --
Off. Efficiency 109.5 63rd 9th
Def. Efficiency 90.7 63rd 7th
eFG% 57.2% 16th 4th
TOV% 19.8% 222nd 6th
OR% 38% 67th 4th
FT Rate 31.7% 270th 12th
Asst% 63.8% 24th 1st
A/T 1.39 26th 2nd
Steal% 8.7% 240th 11th
DR% 75.10% 19th 2nd


The first batch of information is high level stuff. The middle section are the Four Factors to success, and the bottom section are additional stats that are correlated to the Four Factors. For example, you see that ISU's OR% is 38%, meaning they obtain an offensive rebound on 38% of their possessions. You also see that ISU's DR% is 75.1%, meaning that on average their opponents OR% is about 25%. If you're at 38%, but only giving up 25%, you're in good shape in that statistic.

These numbers are a little skewed, considering we played cupcakes 5 out of these 7 games. 

After the jump we will look at Individual Stats, Game Summaries, Cyclones of the Month, and Areas For Improvement

Individual Stats

I emphasize scoring and rebounding, because if you can shoot and rebound better than your opponent, you're most likely going to win the game.

TS% Rebound Rate PPWS
Brackins 53% 14% 1.05
Gilstrap 58% 19% 1.16
Garrett 54% 5% 1.08
Staiger 70% 4% 1.39
Christopherson 70% 5% 1.41
Vanderbeken 75% 13% 1.50
Hamilton 86% 12% 1.72
Boozer 52% 8% 1.03
Dendy 64% 17% 1.28
Colvin 35% 8% 0.70
Buckley 50% 5% 1.00
Pomlee 47% 16% 0.95
Dorr 61% 9% 1.21


If you want to view the conventional ESPN stats, here's the link.

My general takeaway from the stats is that Gilstrap is our best rebounder, and that Staiger, Christopherson, and Vanderbeken have done a good job taking advantage of open shots. A big reason why their TS% is so high, is because they are knocking down a lot of open threes. Colvin has struggled at times, but it's hard for a freshmen point guard. He's fortunate because he's good enough defensively to put pressure on at guys, and he's behind a very serviceable point guard, so he doesn't have to try to step in and do too much.

With Buckley, Pomlee, Dorr, and Dendy, you have to take these stats considering we're talking about a very limited number of minutes played. Typically you can't compare everyone to guys who are averaging less than double-digit minutes per game, or guys that have missed significant time.

Game Summaries

Idaho State: Iowa State wins the battle of the "ISU"s, 88-68. The game was practically over about 1/3 of the way through the 2nd Half. Gilstrap, Dendy, and Brackins led the way in this one, combining for 52% of ISU's points.

Chicago State:  ISU wins 72-50. A rare situation where the Cyclones wear their road jerseys at home, as Chi-State didn't have their road uniforms ordered. It was a little bit of a struggle early on for the Cyclones as they had troubles against man-to-man defense. Gilstrap, Christopherson, and Vanderbeken stepped up big in this one, scoring 47% of the teams points, and grabbing 54% of the team's rebounds

Drake: Staiger goes off, as he has his annual "big game", as ISU beats Drake for the 1st time in four years, 90-70. Lucca hit a Cyclone-record ten 3s, and got a career high 32 points. Brackins had a quiet big game as well, getting 22 points and 10 rebounds. DG dished it out 11 times, and committed 3 turnovers.

Mississippi Valley State: ISU blows out the Devils 96-55. The offense was clicking on all cylinders, as ISU's eFG% was 62.7%. Brackins has his best game of the year to date, putting up 28 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks. Gilstrap scored 21 in this one as well.

Tennessee State: Another home blowout, as ISU wins 84-53. This game was pretty much over at halftime. Gilstrap had another nice game, scoring 18 points on 7/9 shooting, and grabbing 10 rebounds in only 23 minutes of play.

St Louis: ISU went out to Chi-Town and got a lesson from Saint Louis, playing a tougher than expected game winning 65-54. The game was very close until ISU pulled away with about 10:00 left in the 2nd half. Diante Garret had a good game, scoring 16 points, picking up 5 rebounds, but having a rare 1 assist. As a team, the Cyclones committed as many turnovers as assists (11 each). They struggled offensively against another man-to-man defense.

Northwestern: ISU loses a close one in the Chicago Invitational Finals, 65-67. Iowa State outplayed Northwestern for most of the game, but poor free throw shooting, a lack of an offensive adjustment when Northwestern went to man-to-man defense, and just failing to execute down the stretch cost the team a W. Nobody had a "great" game, but Brackins did get 18 points and 9 rebounds, while DG had 10 assists.

Cyclones Of The Month

I give one award for the best overall player, and another for the best bench player (unless the bench player is the overall player; then I give out the starter).

Overall: I have to go with Craig Brackins.  He averaged 17.1 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.0 assists, 1.1 steals, and 1.6 blks per game. He led the team in points, is 2nd in rebounding, 3rd in assists, 1st in steals, and 1st in blocks. I've heard some say they are disappointed in Brackins, but he's only off his mark by 3 points and 2 rebounds thus far... He's not going to be able to be superman for all 31+ games this year, and he'll have some big games this year I'm sure.

My runners-up were a tie between Gilstrap and DG. Gilstrap is the 2nd leading scorer averaging 13.4ppg. He was also arguably the best rebounder on the Cyclones, posting a 19% Rebound Rate. He's even better on the offensive glass, posting a 21% Rebound Rate. DG has been playing well, among the nation's leaders in assists, and posting a crazy-high 3.3/1 A/T!

Bench: Scott Christopherson. Despite struggling against Northwestern, he's having a good season coming off the bench, averaging 8.7 points and shooting well from the field.

Areas For Improvement

A few things:

  • Cut down on turnovers. We are doing an OK job at this, and a lot of the turnovers are self inflicted (i.e. sloppy passes). We are moving in the right direction with this, but it needs to continue
  • Offense against man defense. We play well offensively against the zone, mostly because we're able to kick out to some good shooters. When we play against the man, we do not do well at all. We just don't seem to be as physical of a team where we can just stick it to someone. I think Gilstrap and Dendy have this ability, but Brackins is more of a finesse player, and guys like Staiger, and JVB are not that good off the dribble. I hope to see a good offensive gameplan develop as we face more man-to-man defenses throughout the year.
  • Coaching. They got schooled against Northwestern. Lets not see it happen again

With that, we will turn our attention to December. Later, I will post a quick outlook for December.