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December Outlook For The Cyclones

Now that it's December 1st, I thought I would post a quick outlook on our opponents for this month. It might be hard to believe but the Cyclones only have 5 games this month, as they have close to a 2 week layoff between games from the end of December and the beginning of January.

Below is a list of each team the Cyclones are playing, along with what Sagarin's Predictive Model says is the winner and by what scoring margin. This is from data as of the end of November, and it's updated everyday. Prior to each game, we will take another look at this as it will change, along with looking at other stats as well.

Date Opponent Sagarin Prediction
12/2 UNI ISU W by 9-10
12/5 @ Cal Cal W by 5
12/11 Iowa ISU W by 17
12/20 Bradley ISU W by 11
12/22 North Dakota ISU W by 30


Based on these results on what we know now, we should expect to go 4-1 this month, having an overall record of 10-2. Now, we're very close with Cal, as the home team gets 4 additional points, so there's a possible chance to win that game as well. If this game was at Hilton, it'd be a dead even choice by Sagarin.

I would like to see ISU overacheive slightly and go 5-0 this month. It sure is possible, as long as they play hard. It's just a good thing that they have this many home games next month.

Looking forward to the December games, and tonight I will post a more proper preview of UNI.