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All-Big 12 Football Awards Announced: Cyclones Get Screwed....

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You can see the full results here

I have to say that it's pretty fucking disappointing to see the Cyclones get snubbed the way they did this year.

David Sims won Defensive Newcomer of the year, and Jesse Smith was on the First Team All-Big 12, so definitley props to those guys.

But, Alexander Robinson and Reggie Stephens only got honerable mention? Seriously?

A-Rob was the 4th best rusher this year, and that was missing some time AND playing without his second gear for most of the season. DeMarco Murray? Seriously! The guy rushed for only 678 yards, and had 7 TDs... I guess that's better than 1058 yards and 6 TDs...

With Reggie Stephens, I would've thought being the Center on an offensive line that was on one of the best rushing teams in the Big 12, and one of the top 25 teams in nation terms of protecting the QB, but I guess that's asking way too much.

I realize that Iowa State isn't a powerhouse, but they surprised everyone in the conference, and I don't think it would've been too much to have A-Rob and Stephens somewhere on this list other than honorable mentions, but apparently it was.