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Clone Chronicles Is Back From The Holidays

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I am hoping all of you out there had a pleasant, and relaxing holiday weekend. I got to spend time with the in-laws, and my immediate family. The celebrations ranged from Des Moines to Minneapolis, so fortunately there wasn't a ton of traveling.

Today is all about getting back into the swing of things. The focus this week is going to be the Insight Bowl. Now originally, I thought I'd be heading down to Tempe to take in the action, but it looks like I will stay in Ames and just watch the game on TV.

We'll break down the matchups more, but here's a couple of things that I found interesting online. First, it's simulation of the game. I think it's interesting to see that we average the higher score, but in the simulations the Gophers win more times. You can also check them out for simulations of the other bowl games as well, and it makes for some interesting debate.

If anyone reading this is heading down to Tempe, or is there already, let us know how it is, and what we're missing out on!