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Clone Chronicles' Week 3 Bowl Picks: Early Week Edition

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This week there are when almost the rest of all the bowl games occur, as there are 20. Below is my early week edition of my unscientific picks. But before we do that, let's take a look at how I've done thus far:

Overall: 5-5

ATS: 5-4-1

So onto my picks!

Independence Bowl, 4:00pm CST, Tonight, ESPN2 (my #16 rated bowl game): Georgia 31, A&M 28. Vegas is giving A&M 7 points in this one. A&M has an offense, and if that team shows up, they will win this game. The problem is that you don't know which team is going to show up on the A&M side of the ball. I'd assume Georgia will show up ready to go. Should be a good one.

EagleBank Bowl, 3:30pm CST, Tomorrow, ESPN (my #28 rated bowl game): Temple 23, UCLA 17. Vegas is giving Temple 4 points. I think the wrong team is favored, and Temple wins. Not an expert of either team, but in a spot like this, I'd take a good mid-major excited to be there, over a struggling BCS conference team.

Champs Sports Bowl, 7pm CST, Tomorrow, ESPN (my #15 rated bowl game): Miami 34, Wisconsin 27. Vegas is giving Wisconsin 4 points. Miami is more athletic than Wisconsin, but both teams do put up similar offensive stats. I've seen more Miami and am impressed with their potential. Finishing this game on a strong note will mean a lot for that program heading into next year, as they could very well be the favorite to win the ACC next year.

The fun part is now seeing how the games turn out. On Wednesday, I will continue my Week 3 Bowl Game picks!